How To Keep Webex Teams Status Active

As someone who regularly uses Webex Teams, I recognize the significance of maintaining an active status in order to facilitate efficient communication and cooperation with my team. In this article, I will disclose my personal advice and techniques for keeping your Webex Teams status active, as well as offer commentary based on my own firsthand encounters.

Understanding Webex Teams Status

Webex Teams offers different status options to indicate your availability and current state. The default status options include “Available,” “Do Not Disturb,” “Away,” and “Offline.” By default, Webex Teams automatically sets your status to “Inactive” after a certain period of inactivity.

However, when you want to show that you are actively working and available for communication, it’s essential to keep your status active and visible to others.

Stay Active with Activity Tracker

Webex Teams provides an activity tracker that can help keep your status active even if you’re not actively using the application. To access the activity tracker:

  1. Click on your profile picture or avatar on the top left corner of the application.
  2. Select “Settings” from the drop-down menu.
  3. In the settings menu, click on “Activity” on the left side.
  4. Enable the “Show me as active when my computer has been idle for” option.

This feature allows Webex Teams to keep your status active even if your computer has been idle for a specified amount of time. You can customize the duration of inactivity that triggers the status change.

Personally, I find this feature useful when I’m working on tasks that don’t require constant interaction but want to show my availability to my team. It helps prevent colleagues from assuming I’m away or unavailable.

Engage in Webex Teams Activities

To keep your status active and visible to others, it’s important to engage in activities within the Webex Teams application. This includes sending messages, reacting to messages, participating in team spaces, and joining meetings.

When you actively participate in these activities, Webex Teams recognizes your engagement and keeps your status active. This ensures that your team members know you’re available and ready to collaborate.

Customize Your Status Message

Webex Teams allows you to customize your status message, which appears next to your name in the application. This can be a great way to communicate your availability or share a quick update with your team.

By regularly updating your status message, you can provide additional context to your team members and help them understand your availability or what you’re currently working on.


Keeping your Webex Teams status active is crucial for effective communication and collaboration. By utilizing the activity tracker feature, engaging in activities within the application, and customizing your status message, you can ensure that your availability is clearly communicated to your team.

Remember, maintaining an active status not only helps your team members but also enhances your overall productivity and enables seamless collaboration. So, take the time to optimize your Webex Teams experience and make the most out of this powerful communication tool!