How To Keep Adding To Your Story On Instagram

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Instagram is a highly popular social media platform that enables individuals to share their experiences with the public. Whether you’re a frequent user or new to the platform, mastering the art of continuously updating your story can enhance your content and engage your followers. In this article, I will provide some advice on how to effectively update your Instagram story while incorporating personalized touches and commentary from your own perspective.

1. Capture the moment

When adding to your story on Instagram, it’s important to capture the moment in a way that reflects your personal style and perspective. Whether you’re using the camera on your phone or a professional camera, take the time to compose your shots and choose the best angle and lighting.

For example, if you’re documenting your morning routine, you could include a photo of your cup of coffee with a caption about how it helps you start your day. Adding a personal touch like this not only makes your story more relatable, but also allows your audience to get to know you better.

2. Share behind-the-scenes footage

One of the best ways to keep adding to your story on Instagram is to share behind-the-scenes footage of your life or work. Whether you’re a musician, an artist, or a chef, giving your audience a glimpse into your creative process can be both inspiring and entertaining.

For instance, if you’re a chef, you could document the steps you take to create a delicious dish. Share your favorite ingredients, show how you plate the food, and provide commentary on why you made certain choices. This not only adds depth to your story, but also allows your audience to learn from your expertise.

3. Engage with your audience

Adding personal touches and commentary to your story on Instagram is not just about sharing your own experiences, but also engaging with your audience. Respond to comments, answer questions, and ask for feedback. This not only shows that you value your audience’s opinions, but also helps you build a community of like-minded individuals.

For example, if you’re a fashion influencer, you could ask your audience for their opinion on a new outfit you’re considering. Share multiple photos of the outfit from different angles and ask them to vote for their favorite. This not only creates a sense of participation, but also helps you make more informed decisions.


Adding to your story on Instagram is a great way to share your experiences, connect with your audience, and showcase your creativity. By capturing the moment, sharing behind-the-scenes footage, and engaging with your audience, you can keep adding to your story while adding personal touches and commentary. So, go ahead and start creating captivating content that reflects your unique perspective!