How To Import Sharepoint Calender Into Microsoft Teams

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Importing a SharePoint calendar in Microsoft Teams is a useful method for organizing your tasks and keeping track of important dates. As a regular user of both SharePoint and Teams, I have personally found this integration to be highly beneficial and efficient. This article will provide a detailed walkthrough on how to import a SharePoint calendar into Microsoft Teams, including personal suggestions and pointers.

Step 1: Accessing the SharePoint Calendar

To get started, open your SharePoint site and navigate to the calendar you want to import. Click on the calendar to open it in full view. Take note of the URL of the calendar page, as we will need it in the next steps.

Step 2: Adding a New Tab in Microsoft Teams

Now, open Microsoft Teams and go to the channel where you want to import the SharePoint calendar. Click on the ‘+’ button at the top of the channel to add a new tab. From the list of options, select “Website”.

Step 3: Configuring the Website Tab

In the “Website” tab configuration window, enter a name for the tab and paste the URL of the SharePoint calendar page that you noted earlier into the “Website address” field. You can also choose to customize the icon and color for the tab if you wish. Click on “Save” to create the tab.

Step 4: Adjusting the Tab View

By default, the SharePoint calendar will be displayed in a web view within the tab. You can resize the tab or switch to full screen mode for a better view of the calendar. You can also adjust the permissions for who can view and edit the calendar in Teams by modifying the SharePoint permissions.

Tips and Tricks

  • If you want to import multiple SharePoint calendars into Microsoft Teams, simply repeat the above steps for each calendar.
  • Remember that any changes made to the SharePoint calendar will be reflected in the Microsoft Teams tab, and vice versa. This ensures that all team members stay up to date with the latest events and updates.
  • If you want to remove the SharePoint calendar from Microsoft Teams, simply right-click on the tab and select “Remove”. This will remove the tab but will not delete the calendar itself.


Importing a SharePoint calendar into Microsoft Teams is a powerful way to centralize your team’s schedule and improve collaboration. By following the simple steps outlined in this article, you can easily integrate your SharePoint calendar into Teams and enjoy the benefits of seamless communication and organization. Give it a try, and I’m sure you’ll find it to be a valuable addition to your workflow.