How To Import Css In React

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Hey there, fellow React developers! Today, I want to walk you through the process of importing CSS in a React project. As we all know, adding styles to our React components is a crucial part of creating beautiful and intuitive user interfaces. So, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty details of how we can seamlessly integrate CSS into our React applications.

Using Regular CSS Files

The most common way to include CSS in a React application is by importing regular CSS files into your components. When you import a CSS file in a JavaScript module, webpack will run it through a preprocessor and add it to the page. To get started, simply create a CSS file, for example styles.css, and put your styles in there.

After creating the CSS file, you can import it into your React component:

import './styles.css';

Once you import the CSS file, the styles will be applied to the corresponding component, giving you full control over the styling of your UI elements.

Using CSS Modules

Another approach to importing CSS in React is by using CSS Modules. CSS Modules allow you to import CSS files as objects, providing local scoping and avoiding class name collisions. This can be especially useful in larger projects where class names might overlap.

To use CSS Modules, simply name your CSS file with the .module.css extension, for example styles.module.css. Then, in your component, you can import the CSS module and access the class names as properties of the imported object.

import styles from './styles.module.css';

You can then use the class names from the imported module like this:

<div className={styles.container}>


Importing CSS in a React project is a fundamental aspect of building engaging and visually appealing user interfaces. Whether you choose to import regular CSS files or utilize CSS Modules, the ability to seamlessly integrate styles with your components is a powerful tool in your development arsenal. By leveraging these techniques, you can take your React applications to the next level in terms of both functionality and design.