How To Give Slack With Grigri

Slacklining is an extraordinary and exciting activity that demands concentration, stability, and accuracy. As a passionate slackliner, I’ve always been intrigued by the different methods and equipment that can elevate the experience. The GriGri is one particular tool that has transformed the way I manage slack on the line while slacklining.

For those who are new to slacklining, the GriGri is a belay device commonly used in rock climbing. However, its benefits extend beyond climbing and can be effectively used in the world of slacklining as well. The GriGri is designed to provide a controlled descent while giving slack, ensuring safety and smoothness in the process.

Before we delve into the details of how to give slack with the GriGri, it is important to note that safety should always be your top priority. Make sure you have received proper training on how to use the GriGri and understand the risks involved. Additionally, always use appropriate safety gear such as a helmet and a backup system when slacklining.

Step 1: Setting Up the GriGri

The first step in giving slack with the GriGri is to properly set it up. Begin by attaching the GriGri to your slackline anchor using a carabiner. Make sure that the device is securely fastened and that the rope is threaded correctly through the device.

Next, attach the other end of the rope to your slackline using a carabiner. It is crucial to ensure that the rope is properly tensioned and that there is enough slack to work with. This will allow you to give slack smoothly without any unnecessary jerks.

Step 2: The GriGri Technique

Now that the GriGri is set up, it is time to understand the technique of giving slack. Start by gripping the slackline rope firmly with one hand, keeping it taut. With your other hand, grip the GriGri device.

To give slack, push the cam (the small lever on the GriGri) upwards with your thumb, releasing tension on the rope. As you push the cam, simultaneously use your other hand to slide the rope through the device, allowing slack to be added to the line.

It is important to maintain control and be mindful of the speed at which you give slack. Slow and steady movements will ensure a smooth transition, while rapid movements can result in sudden jerks and loss of balance.

Step 3: Communication and Feedback

When slacklining with a partner, clear communication is essential. Before giving slack, establish a system of signals or verbal cues to indicate when you are about to give slack. This will ensure that your partner is prepared and can adjust their balance accordingly.

Additionally, it is important to pay attention to your partner’s feedback. Slacklining is a collaborative activity, and being attentive to your partner’s needs and comfort level will enhance the overall experience.


The GriGri is a game-changer when it comes to giving slack while slacklining. With its controlled descent mechanism and ease of use, it allows for a smoother and safer experience. However, it is vital to remember that using the GriGri requires proper training and understanding of its limitations.

As a passionate slackliner, I have found that incorporating the GriGri into my slacklining routine has elevated my experience to new heights. The added control and precision have allowed me to push my boundaries and explore more challenging slackline setups.

If you are a seasoned slackliner or someone just starting out, I highly recommend giving the GriGri a try. Embrace the thrill of giving slack with this innovative device, but always prioritize safety and responsible slacklining practices.