How To Give Access In Gotomeeting

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Today, I would like to discuss my personal encounter and perspectives on granting access in GoToMeeting. Being a regular user of this platform for online meetings and presentations, I have gained significant familiarity with its functionalities and configurations.


GoToMeeting is a popular web conferencing tool that allows individuals and teams to collaborate remotely. One of the key aspects of using GoToMeeting is the ability to give access to participants, enabling them to join and contribute to the meeting.

Step 1: Scheduling the Meeting

The first step is to schedule the meeting in GoToMeeting. After logging into your GoToMeeting account, click on the “Schedule a Meeting” button. Fill in the necessary details such as the meeting topic, date, and time. You can also customize the meeting settings according to your preferences.

Step 2: Invite Participants

Once you have scheduled the meeting, it’s time to invite participants. GoToMeeting provides multiple options for inviting attendees. You can send out email invitations directly from the GoToMeeting platform, or you can copy the meeting details and share them via your preferred communication channels such as email, chat, or calendar invites.

Step 3: Granting Access

Now that you have scheduled the meeting and invited participants, it’s important to ensure that they have the necessary access to join the meeting. GoToMeeting offers different access options depending on your preferences and the nature of your meeting.

If you want to provide participants with a join link, GoToMeeting allows you to generate a unique URL. You can either copy the join link and share it with participants manually, or you can use the built-in email invitations that GoToMeeting provides.

Alternatively, if you prefer a more controlled approach, you can choose to send out unique meeting IDs and access codes to each participant. This ensures that only authorized individuals can join the meeting, adding an extra layer of security.

Step 4: Troubleshooting Access Issues

Despite our best efforts, access issues can sometimes arise. If a participant is having trouble joining the meeting, it’s essential to be prepared to troubleshoot and assist them.

First, ensure that the participant has the correct meeting details. Double-check that you have provided them with the necessary join link, meeting ID, and access code. If the participant is still having trouble, you can direct them to GoToMeeting’s support resources, which include troubleshooting guides and a dedicated support team.


Providing access in GoToMeeting is a crucial step in creating successful virtual meetings. By following the steps outlined above, you can ensure that participants have a seamless experience joining your meetings. Remember to schedule the meeting, invite participants, and grant them the necessary access. And in case of any access issues, be prepared to troubleshoot and provide assistance. Happy collaborating!