How To Get Utc Time In Python

Python Programming

Getting the current UTC time in Python is a common task that often comes up in programming. In this article, I will guide you through different methods to obtain the UTC time in Python and provide personal insights along the way.

Method 1: Using the datetime module

The datetime module in Python provides a convenient way to work with dates and times. To get the current UTC time, we can utilize the datetime module along with the datetime.utcnow() method. Let’s take a look at an example:

import datetime

current_utc_time = datetime.datetime.utcnow()
print("Current UTC time:", current_utc_time)

By calling the datetime.utcnow() method, we obtain the current UTC time as a datetime object. We can then display this object using the print() function.

Personal note: I find it fascinating how Python’s datetime module simplifies the process of working with dates and times, making it easier to handle such tasks.

Method 2: Using the pytz module

If you need to work with time zones extensively, the pytz module can be incredibly useful. This third-party module allows you to manipulate time zones and convert times between them with ease.

First, you need to install the pytz module if you haven’t already. You can do this by executing the following command in your terminal:

pip install pytz

Once you have pytz installed, you can use it to get the current UTC time. Here’s an example:

import pytz
from datetime import datetime

utc = pytz.utc
current_utc_time =
print("Current UTC time:", current_utc_time)

By combining the pytz module with the method, we can obtain the current UTC time. We specify the time zone as pytz.utc to ensure we get the UTC time.

Personal note: The pytz module adds powerful functionality to Python’s datetime capabilities, enabling us to work with time zones effortlessly.


Obtaining the current UTC time in Python is a straightforward task thanks to the datetime module. By using methods like datetime.utcnow() and the pytz module, we have the flexibility to work with time zones and handle complex time-related operations.

Personal note: I hope this article has helped you understand how to get the current UTC time in Python. Remember, being able to work with dates and times accurately is crucial in many applications, and Python provides powerful tools to assist with these tasks.