How To Get Slack Token For Bot

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If you’re interested in obtaining a Slack token for a bot, you’re in the right place! I have all the necessary information to help you get started.


Slack is a popular messaging platform used by teams and organizations to communicate and collaborate. Bots are a great way to automate tasks and enhance your Slack experience. To create a bot, you’ll need to obtain a Slack token, which allows your bot to interact with Slack’s API.

Step 1: Create a Slack App

The first step is to create a Slack app. This is where you can configure your bot, add features, and obtain the necessary credentials.

  1. Go to the Slack API website and log in to your account.
  2. Click on “Create New App” and give your app a name.
  3. Choose the Slack workspace where you want your bot to be installed.
  4. Once your app is created, you’ll be redirected to the app’s settings page. Here, you can configure various aspects of your bot, such as its icon, description, and permissions.

Step 2: Enable Bot User

In order to obtain a token for your bot, you’ll need to enable the Bot User feature.

  1. In the app’s settings page, click on “Bot Users” in the left sidebar.
  2. Click on the “Add a Bot User” button.
  3. Configure the bot user settings, such as its display name and default username.
  4. Save the changes and you’ll see a new section called “Token” with a generated token for your bot.

Step 3: Install the Bot in your Workspace

Now that you have a bot user and a token, you need to install the bot in your Slack workspace.

  1. Go back to the app’s settings page and click on “OAuth & Permissions” in the left sidebar.
  2. Scroll down to the “Scopes” section and add the necessary permissions that your bot requires.
  3. Click on the “Install App to Workspace” button.
  4. Authorize the app and you’ll be redirected back to the app’s settings page.

Step 4: Obtain the Bot Token

Finally, you need to obtain the bot token that you’ll use to authenticate your bot when making API calls.

  1. In the app’s settings page, scroll down to the “OAuth Tokens & Redirect URLs” section.
  2. Under “Bot OAuth Token”, you’ll find the token for your bot.
  3. Copy the token and securely store it in a safe place. Treat this token like a password, as it grants your bot access to your Slack workspace.


Obtaining a Slack token for your bot is a crucial step in building and integrating bots into your Slack workspace. With the token, your bot can interact with Slack’s API and perform various tasks. Remember to keep your token secure and treat it like a password to protect the integrity of your Slack workspace.