How To Get Slack Credits

Acquiring credits for Slack can provide excellent cost-saving options for your team’s communication and collaboration requirements. As a loyal user of Slack, I have identified several approaches to obtain these credits, and I am eager to impart them to you.

1. Take Advantage of Slack’s Referral Program

Slack offers a referral program that rewards users with credits for each new team they refer. To access this program, go to your Slack workspace and click on the “Invite people to join” option in the sidebar. From there, you can share your unique referral link with friends, colleagues, or on social media platforms. When someone signs up using your link and creates a new team, both of you will be rewarded with Slack credits.

2. Participate in Slack Community Events

Slack organizes various community events both online and offline. These events provide opportunities to learn, network, and sometimes even earn credits. Keep an eye out for events such as webinars, workshops, and conferences where Slack might offer credits as prizes or rewards for active participation. Engaging in discussions and sharing your experiences can increase your chances of winning these credits.

3. Provide Feedback to Slack

Slack values user feedback and often incentivizes users to provide their thoughts on new features, improvements, and user experience. Keep an eye out for surveys, beta testing programs, or feedback forums where you can contribute your insights. In some cases, Slack rewards users who provide valuable feedback with credits as a token of appreciation.

4. Keep an Eye on Slack’s Promotional Campaigns

Slack occasionally runs promotional campaigns where they offer special discounts, promotions, or giveaways. These campaigns may include a limited-time offer to receive credits for specific actions, such as upgrading to a paid plan or inviting a certain number of new members. Stay updated with Slack’s official blog, social media channels, and newsletters to ensure you don’t miss out on these opportunities.


Acquiring Slack credits can be a great way to reduce your team’s expenses while enjoying the benefits of this popular communication and collaboration tool. By taking advantage of Slack’s referral program, participating in community events, providing feedback, and staying updated with promotional campaigns, you can increase your chances of earning these credits. So go ahead and leverage these methods to save some money while enhancing your team’s productivity with Slack!