How To Get Rid Of The Wp Rocket Force Update

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Have you ever experienced the aggravating “Force Update” notification when using the WP Rocket plugin? Believe me, I understand the frustration! It appears that every time I access my WordPress dashboard, there’s a critical update that needs to be done. But don’t worry, I have a solution for you! In this article, I will provide some helpful tips on how to permanently remove the WP Rocket force update.

Understanding the WP Rocket Force Update

Before we delve into the methods to remove the force update, let’s take a moment to understand why it exists in the first place. The WP Rocket force update is designed to ensure that you’re running the latest version of the plugin, which often includes bug fixes, security patches, and new features.

While it’s always a good practice to keep your plugins up to date, sometimes the timing of these updates can be inconvenient. Personally, I find it frustrating when I’m in the middle of working on my website and suddenly forced to update WP Rocket. That’s why I embarked on a quest to find a way to bypass or disable this force update feature.

Method 1: Modifying the Plugin Files

Disclaimer: Modifying plugin files should be done with caution. It’s important to create a backup of your website before making any changes to ensure you can revert back if something goes wrong.

One way to disable the WP Rocket force update is by modifying the plugin files directly. Here’s how:

  1. Access your WordPress files via FTP or your hosting provider’s file manager.
  2. Navigate to the “wp-content” folder and locate the “plugins” directory.
  3. Find and open the WP Rocket folder.
  4. Locate the “wp-rocket.php” file and open it in a code editor.
  5. Search for the function called “wp_rocket_activation” or similar.
  6. Comment out or remove the lines of code that handle the force update functionality.
  7. Save the changes and upload the modified file back to your server.

Please note that this method requires basic knowledge of PHP and editing plugin files. If you’re not comfortable with coding, it’s best to explore alternative solutions.

Method 2: Utilizing Plugin Management Tools

If modifying plugin files sounds too technical for you, don’t worry! There are plugin management tools available that can help you disable the force update feature without touching any code.

One popular plugin management tool is the “Code Snippets” plugin. Here’s how you can use it to disable the WP Rocket force update:

  1. Install and activate the “Code Snippets” plugin from the WordPress repository.
  2. Navigate to “Snippets” in your WordPress dashboard.
  3. Click on “Add New” to create a new snippet.
  4. Give your snippet a name, such as “Disable WP Rocket Force Update”.
  5. Insert the following code in the “Code” section:

add_filter( 'rocket_force_update_disabled', '__return_true' );

Save the snippet and activate it.

By utilizing plugin management tools like Code Snippets, you can easily disable the WP Rocket force update without modifying any plugin files. These tools provide a safer and more user-friendly way to customize plugin behavior.


Dealing with the WP Rocket force update can be quite frustrating, especially when it disrupts your workflow. However, with the methods I’ve shared in this article, you can regain control over when and how you update WP Rocket.

Remember, it’s important to keep your plugins up to date to ensure the security and performance of your website. But at the same time, having the flexibility to choose when to update can save you time and minimize interruptions.

Whether you decide to modify the plugin files or utilize plugin management tools, always proceed with caution and make sure to backup your website beforehand. Happy optimizing!