How To Get Payment Method In Woocommerce

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Getting the payment method set up in WooCommerce can be a crucial step in running your online store smoothly. As a WooCommerce user myself, I understand the importance of an efficient and secure payment system. In this article, I will guide you through the process of setting up a payment method in WooCommerce, sharing my insights and personal experiences along the way.

1. Installing WooCommerce

Before we dive into setting up the payment method, make sure you have WooCommerce installed and activated on your WordPress website. If you haven’t done it yet, head to the plugins section in your WordPress dashboard and search for “WooCommerce”. Install and activate it.

2. Choosing a Payment Gateway

WooCommerce provides a variety of payment gateways that you can integrate with your store. Payment gateways act as a bridge between your website and the financial institution that processes the transactions. Some popular options include PayPal, Stripe, and

When selecting a payment gateway, there are a few factors to consider:

  1. Transaction fees: Check the transaction fees charged by each payment gateway, as they can vary. Factor these fees into your pricing strategy.
  2. Supported countries: Ensure that the payment gateway supports your target countries. Some gateways have restrictions based on location.
  3. Available features: Different payment gateways offer different features, such as recurring payments or saved payment methods. Consider what features are important to your business.

3. Configuring the Payment Gateway

Once you have selected your payment gateway, it’s time to configure it in WooCommerce. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to your WordPress dashboard and navigate to WooCommerce > Settings.
  2. Select the “Payments” tab.
  3. Click on the payment gateway you want to set up.
  4. Enter the required credentials, such as your API keys or account information. These details are usually provided by the payment gateway.
  5. Configure any additional settings based on your preferences, such as enabling test mode or enabling specific payment methods.
  6. Save your changes.

4. Testing the Payment Method

Before making your payment method live, it’s essential to test it thoroughly to ensure everything is functioning as expected. Here’s how:

  1. Create a test product in your WooCommerce store.
  2. Add the product to the cart and proceed to the checkout page.
  3. Select the payment method you just set up.
  4. Simulate a transaction by entering test card details or using a test payment account provided by the payment gateway.
  5. Verify that the transaction goes through successfully and the order is created in your WooCommerce backend.


Setting up a payment method in WooCommerce is an essential step in running your online store. By choosing a reliable payment gateway and configuring it correctly, you can provide a seamless checkout experience for your customers. Remember to test your payment method thoroughly before making it live to ensure smooth transactions. With these steps and my personal insights, you are ready to start accepting payments through WooCommerce!