How To Get Open Powershell From Here Without Holding Shift


Hey there! So, you want to know how to open PowerShell from a specific location without having to hold down the shift key? I’ve got you covered. Let’s dive into it.

Opening PowerShell with a Right-Click

By default, if you want to open PowerShell in a specific location, you need to hold down the shift key while right-clicking. But, let’s be honest, that’s not very convenient if you have to do it frequently.

So, here’s the trick. We’re going to make use of a handy little setting to enable opening PowerShell without the need for the shift key. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Open File Explorer and navigate to the folder where you want to open PowerShell.
  2. Click on the address bar to ensure it’s selected and shows the full path of the current folder.
  3. Now, type “powershell” in the address bar and press Enter. This will open PowerShell directly in the current location.

How cool is that? No need for the shift key anymore!

Adding Personal Touches

Personally, I find this little trick to be a huge time-saver. As someone who frequently works with PowerShell, being able to open it directly in the desired folder without the extra key press is a game-changer. It’s the little things that make a big difference, right?

I love finding these kinds of shortcuts that streamline my workflow and make my tech life just a bit easier. It’s the tech equivalent of finding a shortcut in your daily commute – pure bliss!

Wrapping Up

So there you have it – a simple yet incredibly useful way to open PowerShell directly in a specific location without the need to hold down the shift key. I hope this little tip saves you as much time and effort as it has for me. Happy PowerShell-ing!