How To Get Hotel Wifi Login Page To Show Up

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Getting the hotel Wi-Fi login page to show up can sometimes be a frustrating experience. As someone who loves to travel, I have encountered this issue multiple times and have learned a few tricks along the way. In this article, I will share my personal experiences and provide step-by-step instructions on how to get the hotel Wi-Fi login page to show up.

Step 1: Connect to the Hotel Wi-Fi Network

Before you can access the Wi-Fi login page, you need to connect to the hotel’s Wi-Fi network. This can usually be done by navigating to the Wi-Fi settings on your device and selecting the hotel’s network from the available options. Make sure to enter the correct password if prompted.

Step 2: Open a Web Browser

Once you are connected to the Wi-Fi network, open a web browser on your device. This can be any browser of your choice, such as Chrome, Safari, or Firefox. The browser will act as a gateway to the Wi-Fi login page.

Step 3: Try to Access any Website

In some cases, the Wi-Fi login page automatically pops up when you try to access any website. Therefore, try opening a commonly-used website, such as Google or Facebook, to trigger the login page. If the login page doesn’t appear, don’t worry, there are still a few more steps you can try.

Step 4: Enter a Non-HTTPS Website Manually

If opening a regular website didn’t work, try entering a non-HTTPS website manually in the browser’s address bar. Many Wi-Fi login pages only show up on non-HTTPS websites to ensure a secure connection. Examples of non-HTTPS websites include “” or “”.

Step 5: Clear Browser Cache and Cookies

If the above steps didn’t work, clearing your browser’s cache and cookies might do the trick. These stored files can sometimes interfere with the Wi-Fi login page from showing up. Go to your browser’s settings and look for options related to clearing cache and cookies. Once cleared, try accessing any website again to trigger the login page.

Step 6: Restart Your Device

If all else fails, a simple restart of your device might resolve the issue. Sometimes, Wi-Fi connectivity problems can prevent the login page from showing up. By restarting your device, you give it a fresh start and a chance to establish a stable connection with the hotel’s Wi-Fi network.


In conclusion, getting the hotel Wi-Fi login page to show up can be a bit of a challenge at times. However, by following the steps outlined in this article, you can increase your chances of accessing the login page and enjoying uninterrupted internet access during your stay. Remember to connect to the Wi-Fi network, open a web browser, try accessing a website, enter a non-HTTPS website if needed, clear your browser’s cache and cookies, and restart your device if necessary. Happy browsing!