How To Get Age From Birth Date Sql

SQL Programming

In this article, I will guide you through the process of retrieving age from a birth date in SQL. This is a common task when dealing with databases that store personal information, and it can be quite useful in various applications.

The DATE_DIFF Function

SQL provides us with the DATE_DIFF function, which allows us to calculate the difference between two dates in a specific interval. To calculate someone’s age based on their birth date, we can use this function along with the current date.

Here’s an example of how we can use the DATE_DIFF function to get the age in years:


In the above query, we are using the CURRENT_DATE function to get the current date and subtracting the birth date from it. The YEAR interval specifies that we want the result in years.

Handling Leap Years

Calculating age based solely on the difference in years can lead to inaccuracies when dealing with leap years. To account for leap years, we need to consider the number of days in the period between the birth date and the current date.

Here’s an updated query that takes leap years into account:

DATE_FORMAT(birth_date, '%m-%d') > DATE_FORMAT(CURRENT_DATE, '%m-%d'),
) AS age
FROM users;

In the above query, we are subtracting 1 from the calculated age if the birth date has not occurred in the current year yet. This ensures that we get the accurate age even if the current date is before the birth date in the current year.

Adding Personal Touches

Now that we’ve covered the technical details of retrieving age from a birth date in SQL, let’s add some personal touches to make the code more meaningful and relatable.

CONCAT('I am currently ', DATE_DIFF(CURRENT_DATE, birth_date, YEAR), ' years old.') AS age_description
FROM users
WHERE user_id = 1;

In the above query, I am using the CONCAT function to create a personalized age description. By specifying the user_id, we can retrieve the age of a specific user and include it in the result.


Retrieving age from a birth date in SQL can be accomplished using the DATE_DIFF function. By considering leap years and adding personal touches to the code, we can make the result more accurate and meaningful. This knowledge can be applied in various scenarios where age calculation is needed. Happy coding!