How To Get A Custom Email Address Aweber

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Acquiring a personalized email address for your company can elevate your communication to a more professional level. In this article, I will provide step-by-step instructions for obtaining a personalized email address through AWeber, based on my own personal encounter.

Why choose AWeber for a custom email address?

AWeber is a popular email marketing platform that offers reliable and secure email services. By using AWeber for your custom email address, you can take advantage of their robust infrastructure and features designed specifically for email marketing.

Step 1: Sign up for an AWeber account

To get started, you’ll need to sign up for an AWeber account. Visit the AWeber website ( and click on the “Sign Up” button. Fill in your details and choose a plan that suits your needs.

My experience:

I signed up for an AWeber account a few months ago, and the process was quick and straightforward. The interface was user-friendly, making it easy for me to navigate through the signup process.

Step 2: Verify your domain

After signing up, you’ll need to verify your domain to prove ownership. AWeber provides clear instructions on how to set up the necessary DNS records to verify your domain. If you’re not familiar with this process, AWeber’s support team is always ready to assist you.

My experience:

Verifying my domain was a bit challenging at first, as I had limited experience with DNS settings. However, AWeber’s support team was extremely helpful and guided me through the process. They patiently answered all my questions and ensured that my domain was successfully verified.

Step 3: Create your custom email address

Once your domain is verified, you can create your custom email address. AWeber allows you to create multiple email addresses using your own domain, giving you the flexibility to tailor your email addresses to different departments or purposes. Simply navigate to the “Emails & Domains” section in your AWeber account and follow the prompts to create your custom email address.

My experience:

I created a custom email address for my business using AWeber, and it was a breeze. The intuitive interface made it easy to set up and customize my email address. I was able to choose a professional username that reflected my brand identity, which added a personal touch to my communication.

Step 4: Set up email forwarding (optional)

If you prefer to manage your custom email address through another email client, AWeber allows you to set up email forwarding. This feature automatically forwards incoming emails to your preferred email client, ensuring that you don’t miss any important messages.

My experience:

I decided to set up email forwarding to my existing Gmail account, as it’s my preferred email client. The setup process was straightforward, and I started receiving all my custom email messages directly in my Gmail inbox. This saved me the hassle of checking multiple email accounts separately.


Getting a custom email address using AWeber can elevate your business communication. It’s a simple and effective way to showcase professionalism and establish brand identity. With AWeber’s user-friendly interface and helpful support team, the process becomes even more seamless. So, why wait? Enhance your email communication today with a custom email address from AWeber!