How To Find The Admin Center For Microsoft Teams

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As someone who uses Microsoft Teams often, I recognize the significance of being able to access the admin center. This powerful tool enables you to oversee and personalize your Microsoft Teams space. In this article, I will lead you through locating the admin center and also offer some personal advice.

Step 1: Sign in to Microsoft Teams

To access the admin center for Microsoft Teams, you first need to sign in to your Microsoft Teams account. Open your web browser and go to Make sure to use the same account you use to sign in to Microsoft Teams.

Step 2: Click on your profile picture

Once you are signed in to Microsoft Teams, you will see your profile picture or initials in the top right corner of the screen. Click on it to open the dropdown menu.

Step 3: Select “Admin center”

In the dropdown menu, you will find the option “Admin center”. Click on it to open the admin center in a new tab or window.

Step 4: Explore the admin center

Now that you have successfully accessed the admin center for Microsoft Teams, it’s time to explore its features and functionalities. The admin center provides you with a wide range of options to manage your Teams environment, including managing users, settings, policies, and security.

Here are a few key areas you might want to explore:

  1. Users: In the admin center, you can manage user accounts, assign roles, and control access to different features and resources.
  2. Settings: The settings section allows you to configure various options, such as messaging, meetings, and notifications, to tailor Microsoft Teams to your organization’s specific needs.
  3. Policies: You can create and manage policies to control how users interact with Microsoft Teams, including guest access, external sharing, and app permissions.
  4. Security: The security section of the admin center allows you to set up and manage security features, such as multi-factor authentication, data loss prevention, and threat management.

Take your time to familiarize yourself with the different sections and options available in the admin center. It may take some time to become comfortable navigating and using all the features, but with practice, you’ll become a pro at managing your Microsoft Teams environment.


Accessing the admin center for Microsoft Teams is a straightforward process that can be done with just a few clicks. Once you are in the admin center, you have a wealth of options at your disposal to manage and customize your Teams environment.

Remember to regularly check the admin center for any updates, as Microsoft frequently adds new features and enhancements to improve the functionality of Teams. By staying up to date with the admin center, you can ensure that you are making the most of your Microsoft Teams experience.