How To Find Powershell Version

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So you want to find out the version of PowerShell you are running? Let me guide you through the process. PowerShell is an incredibly versatile and powerful tool, and knowing which version you’re using can be essential for ensuring compatibility with scripts and modules.

Using PowerShell to Find the Version

Open PowerShell by searching for it in the Windows search bar or by simply typing powershell into the run dialog. Once the PowerShell console is open, type the following command:


After hitting Enter, you’ll see detailed information about the PowerShell version you’re running. This will include the major version, minor version, build number, and revision.

Personal Touch:

I find this method to be quick and efficient. It’s like asking PowerShell about itself, and it always responds with precision.

Checking the Registry

Alternatively, you can also check the registry for the PowerShell version. Open the Registry Editor by typing regedit in the run dialog. Navigate to the following location:


Here, you will find a PowerShellVersion value containing the version information.

Personal Touch:

Digging into the registry feels like uncovering hidden secrets of your system. It’s a different approach, but equally satisfying when you find what you’re looking for.


Finding the PowerShell version is a fundamental task for any PowerShell user. Whether you prefer the direct approach of querying PowerShell itself or enjoy the investigative journey through the registry, both methods will reveal the version information you seek. Knowing your PowerShell version is the first step to ensuring smooth and compatible operations in your scripting and automation tasks. Embrace the power of PowerShell!