How To Find Admin Login Page Kali Linux

As someone who has spent a considerable amount of time exploring the world of hacking and penetration testing, I understand the importance of finding the admin login page on a target system. In this article, I will guide you through the process of finding the admin login page using Kali Linux, sharing my personal experiences and insights along the way.

Understanding the Basics

Before we dive into the technical details, it’s essential to have a solid understanding of what an admin login page is. In simple terms, an admin login page is a web page that grants access to the administrative features of a website or web application. It acts as a gateway for authorized users to manage and control various aspects of the system.

It’s important to note that attempting to access an admin login page without proper authorization is illegal and unethical. In this article, we will focus on finding the admin login page on systems that we have permission to test, such as our own websites or those in controlled environments for learning and practice purposes.

Using Kali Linux for Reconnaissance

Kali Linux is a popular operating system widely used by ethical hackers and penetration testers. It comes pre-loaded with numerous tools that can assist in the process of finding the admin login page of a target system. One of the most commonly used tools for this purpose is dirb.

Dirb is a web content scanner that helps in identifying hidden directories and files on a website. To use dirb, open a terminal in Kali Linux and execute the following command:


Replace with the URL of the website you want to scan for admin login pages. Dirb will then start scanning the web server and display a list of directories and files that it discovers.

Once the scan is complete, carefully go through the generated list and look for directories or files that appear to be related to administration. Common names for admin login pages include admin, login, adminlogin, dashboard, or anything similar.

Manual Exploration

In addition to using tools like dirb, it’s also important to manually explore the website to find potential admin login pages. Start by examining the URL structure of the website. Many websites use common patterns for their admin login pages, such as or

Another useful technique is to utilize search engines like Google. By searching for site-specific keywords, we can often find hidden admin login pages. For example, searching for admin can reveal pages that are not easily accessible through regular navigation.

Finally, don’t forget to check the website’s source code. Right-click on the webpage and select “View Page Source” or “Inspect.” Look for HTML comments or JavaScript code that might hint at the presence of an admin login page.


Locating the admin login page of a target system is an essential step in the process of ethical hacking and penetration testing. By using tools like dirb and engaging in manual exploration, we can increase our chances of finding these crucial entry points. However, it’s crucial to remember that unauthorized access to admin login pages is illegal and unethical. Always ensure you have explicit permission to conduct these activities.

In conclusion, mastering the art of finding admin login pages can significantly enhance your skills as a penetration tester or ethical hacker. So go ahead, dive into the world of Kali Linux, and explore the countless possibilities that lie ahead.