How To Export Subscribers Aweber

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I would like to share my own encounter with exporting subscribers from AWeber, a well-known email marketing system, with you today. Being a frequent user of AWeber, I have discovered it to be an invaluable resource for running my email campaigns and increasing my subscriber list. Yet, there may come a time when you require to export your AWeber subscribers for reasons such as switching to a new email marketing platform or creating a backup of your contacts. In this piece, I will walk you through the steps of exporting subscribers from AWeber and offer some of my own thoughts during the process.

Exporting subscribers from AWeber

The first step in exporting subscribers from AWeber is to log in to your account and navigate to the Subscribers tab. Here, you’ll find a menu with various options for managing your subscribers. To export your subscribers, click on the Export option.

Once you click on the Export option, you’ll be presented with a few different export options. AWeber allows you to export your subscribers in two different formats: CSV and XLS. CSV (Comma Separated Values) is a widely supported file format that can be opened in programs like Microsoft Excel, while XLS (Excel Spreadsheet) is a proprietary file format used by Microsoft Excel.

Choose the format that best suits your needs and click on the corresponding export option. AWeber will then generate a file containing all of your subscribers’ information, including their email addresses, names, and any other custom fields you have set up.

Exporting a specific segment of subscribers

If you only want to export a specific segment of subscribers from AWeber, you can do so by using the Segment feature. The segment feature allows you to create custom segments based on specific criteria, such as geographic location, engagement level, or subscription date.

To export a specific segment of subscribers, go to the Subscribers tab and click on the Segments option. Here, you can create a new segment by defining the criteria for inclusion. Once you have created your segment, you can export it using the same steps mentioned earlier.

Personal insights and commentary

Exporting subscribers from AWeber is a straightforward process that can be done in just a few clicks. I have personally found it to be a valuable feature, especially when I needed to migrate my subscriber list to a different email marketing platform. Being able to export my subscribers’ information in a convenient file format allowed me to seamlessly transfer my contacts without any hassle.

However, it’s important to note that when exporting subscribers from AWeber, you should always respect the privacy and consent of your subscribers. Make sure to comply with any applicable data protection laws and regulations in your jurisdiction.


In conclusion, exporting subscribers from AWeber is a simple process that can be easily done within the platform. Whether you’re looking to migrate to a new email marketing platform or simply want to create a backup of your subscriber list, AWeber provides the necessary tools to export your subscribers’ information in a user-friendly format. Just remember to handle your subscribers’ data responsibly and in compliance with applicable privacy laws. Happy exporting!