How To Export List From Aweber

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Exporting a roster from AWeber can provide a helpful means of collecting information and effectively handling your email recipients. In this guide, I will lead you through the steps, offering personal advice and observations throughout the journey.

Introduction to Exporting Lists from AWeber

As an avid user of AWeber, I have found the need to export my email lists on various occasions. Whether it’s for data analysis or importing into another email marketing platform, exporting a list can come in handy.

To begin, log in to your AWeber account and navigate to the “Subscribers” tab on the top menu. From there, click on the “Manage Subscribers” option to access your list management page.

Selecting the List to Export

Once you are on the list management page, you will see a list of your available email lists. Choose the list that you want to export by clicking on its name.

Now, click on the “Subscribers” dropdown menu and select “Export” to initiate the export process.

Customizing Your Export

Before exporting your list, AWeber provides a range of customization options to tailor your export to meet your specific needs.

You can choose to export all subscribers or apply filters to export a specific segment of your list. AWeber allows you to filter subscribers by various criteria, such as tags, status, or custom fields.

Moreover, you can select the specific subscriber data you want to include in your export. This can include basic information like names and email addresses, as well as custom fields and any additional data you have collected.

Exporting Your List

After customizing your export settings, it’s time to initiate the export. Click on the “Export” button, and AWeber will generate a CSV file containing the selected subscriber data.

The time it takes to export your list will depend on the size of your list and the amount of data you have selected. AWeber will notify you via email once your export is ready for download.

Once you receive the email notification, log in to your AWeber account and navigate back to the “Subscribers” tab. Select the “Manage Subscribers” option and click on the “Activity” dropdown menu. From there, choose “Exports” to access your exported lists.


Exporting a list from AWeber is a straightforward process that allows you to gather valuable data and manage your email subscribers effectively. By customizing your export settings, you can extract specific segments of your list and include relevant subscriber information.

Remember to regularly export your lists to keep backups and have data readily available for analysis or migration purposes. With AWeber’s user-friendly interface and customization options, exporting lists becomes a seamless task.

So, the next time you need to export a list from AWeber, you can do so confidently and efficiently!