How To Exit Git Log

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Let me tell you about exiting the git log. When I’m working in Git, I find the git log command incredibly helpful for reviewing the commit history of a repository. However, sometimes it can be a bit confusing to exit the git log view, especially for beginners. Let’s dive into the details of how to gracefully exit the git log and get back to the regular Git command line.

Using Git Log for Version Control History

When I run git log in my terminal, I’m presented with a detailed list of commits in the repository. Each commit includes information such as the commit hash, author, date, and commit message. This can be quite overwhelming, especially when the commit history is long.

Navigating the Git Log View

To navigate through the git log view, I use the up and down arrow keys on my keyboard to scroll through the commit history. This allows me to analyze the changes made in each commit and understand the project’s evolution over time.

Exiting Git Log

Now, here’s the crucial part – how to exit the git log and return to the regular command line. When I’ve finished reviewing the commit history and want to exit the git log view, I simply press the Q key on my keyboard. This action closes the git log and brings me back to the standard Git command prompt.


In conclusion, learning to exit the git log is a small yet essential skill when working with Git. Being able to seamlessly navigate in and out of the git log view enhances my version control workflow and helps me understand the project’s history. So, the next time you find yourself lost in the commit history, remember that a simple press of the Q key will gracefully lead you back to the familiar Git command line.