How To Edit Comment On Wrike

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Reworded: The ability to edit comments on Wrike is a necessary and straightforward task that enables users to enhance and modify their communication within the platform. Having been a loyal user of Wrike for a significant amount of time, I have found the comment editing feature to be extremely valuable in enhancing teamwork and simplifying project management. In this article, I will walk you through the procedure of editing a comment on Wrike, while also offering my personal insights and tips.

Step 1: Locating the Comment

First, you need to find the comment you want to edit. To do this, navigate to the task or project where the comment was posted. Scroll down until you find the comment section, which is usually located below the task description. Look for the specific comment you want to edit, and once you’ve found it, proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Opening the Comment Options

Hover your mouse over the comment you want to edit. You will notice that a set of icons appears on the right side of the comment. Click on the three dots icon (also known as the “More Options” icon) to reveal a drop-down menu of actions you can take on the comment.

Step 3: Selecting “Edit”

In the drop-down menu, click on the “Edit” option. This will open the comment in the edit mode, allowing you to make changes to the text.

Step 4: Modifying the Comment

Now that you are in the edit mode, you can modify the content of the comment according to your needs. Simply click inside the comment box and make the necessary changes. This can include adding or removing text, correcting typos, or updating information.

One handy tip I’ve learned is to use the formatting options available in the comment editor. You can add emphasis to specific words or phrases by using bold or italic formatting. Additionally, you can create bulleted or numbered lists to organize your thoughts or provide step-by-step instructions.

Step 5: Saving the Changes

Once you have made the desired changes to the comment, it’s time to save them. To do this, click on the “Save” button located below the comment box. Your edited comment will replace the original one immediately. It’s important to note that once you save the changes, the original comment cannot be restored, so make sure to review your edits before saving.


Being able to edit comments on Wrike is a valuable feature that empowers users to improve the clarity and accuracy of their communication within the platform. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can easily modify and refine your comments to better reflect your thoughts and ideas.

Remember, effective collaboration relies on clear and concise communication, and Wrike’s comment editing feature helps facilitate that. So, don’t hesitate to make use of this powerful tool to enhance your collaboration and project management experience on Wrike.