How To Edit Campaign Mailerlite

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As a devoted MailerLite user, I recognize the significance of crafting tailored and impactful email campaigns. In this article, I will walk you through the steps of modifying a campaign in MailerLite while incorporating personalized touches and insights from my personal experience.

Introduction to Campaign Editing in MailerLite

Campaign editing in MailerLite allows you to tailor your email content to suit the needs and preferences of your recipients. Whether you want to add personal touches, update information, or make design changes, MailerLite provides a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to customize your campaigns.

Step 1: Accessing the Campaign Editor

To begin editing a campaign in MailerLite, log in to your account and navigate to the “Campaigns” section. Find the campaign you wish to edit and click on it to open the campaign editor.

Step 2: Adding Personal Touches

Adding personal touches to your email campaigns can significantly improve engagement and conversions. In MailerLite, you can achieve this by utilizing personalization tags. These tags allow you to dynamically insert personalized information, such as the recipient’s name or location, into your emails.

To add a personalization tag, simply click on the “Personalize” button in the campaign editor toolbar. A dropdown menu will appear, allowing you to select the desired personalization tag. Once selected, the tag will automatically insert into your email content. You can place the tag anywhere within the text or subject line to create a personalized touch.

Step 3: Updating Campaign Information

MailerLite allows you to easily update campaign information, such as the subject line, sender name, and reply-to email address. To make these updates, navigate to the corresponding sections in the campaign editor and make the necessary changes.

Remember, the subject line is one of the first things recipients see, so make sure it captures their attention and entices them to open the email. Additionally, ensure that the sender name and reply-to email address are relevant and trustworthy to maintain professionalism.

Step 4: Making Design Changes

Design plays a crucial role in the success of your email campaigns. MailerLite offers a variety of design options and templates to help you create visually appealing and engaging emails. To make design changes, click on the “Design” tab in the campaign editor. From here, you can explore different templates, colors, fonts, and layouts to find the perfect design for your campaign.

If you have HTML or CSS knowledge, you can also modify the code directly by clicking on the “Source” button in the editor toolbar. This allows for more advanced customization options and gives you full control over the design of your email.


Editing a campaign in MailerLite is a straightforward process that allows you to add personal touches and make updates to create impactful email campaigns. By utilizing personalization tags, updating campaign information, and making design changes, you can optimize your emails for maximum engagement and conversions.

Remember to always test your campaigns before sending them out to ensure everything appears as intended. With MailerLite’s intuitive interface and powerful features, you can create personalized and effective email campaigns that resonate with your audience.