How To Drop Multiple Pins On Google Maps

Have you ever wanted to drop multiple pins on a Google Map? Well, I’m here to guide you through the process. Whether you’re planning a road trip with multiple stops or marking important locations for an event, dropping multiple pins can be incredibly useful. I recently had to plan a sightseeing tour for a group of friends, and using Google Maps to drop multiple pins made the planning process a breeze. Let me walk you through the steps and share some personal tips along the way.

Using Google My Maps

To drop multiple pins on a Google Map, I recommend using Google My Maps. It’s a feature within Google Maps that allows you to create custom maps with multiple markers, shapes, and layers. To get started, go to Google My Maps and sign in to your Google account. Once you’re logged in, you can begin creating your custom map.

Adding Multiple Pins

After creating a new map, you can start dropping pins by clicking on the “Add marker” icon in the toolbar. You can then click on the map to place a pin at the desired location. Repeat this process for each additional location you want to mark. As I was planning the sightseeing tour, I found it helpful to add custom labels to each pin, such as “lunch spot” or “scenic viewpoint,” to keep everything organized.

Customizing Your Map

One of the great things about Google My Maps is the ability to customize your map with different colors, icons, and shapes. You can change the color of the pins to distinguish between different categories of locations, or use different icons to represent restaurants, landmarks, and more. This level of customization really helped me visualize the tour route and make it more engaging for my friends.

Sharing Your Custom Map

Once you’ve dropped all your pins and customized your map to your liking, you can easily share it with others. Simply click on the “Share” button, and you’ll be given the option to share the map via a link or by inviting specific people to view or edit it. I shared the map with my friends, and they were impressed by how detailed and organized it was.

Accessing Your Custom Map on Mobile

The beauty of using Google My Maps is that you can access your custom map on the go. Simply open the Google Maps app on your mobile device, tap the menu icon, and select “Your places.” You’ll find your custom map under the “Maps” tab, allowing you to easily navigate to each pinned location during your trip.


Dropping multiple pins on Google Maps using Google My Maps is a game-changer for planning trips, events, or any activity that involves multiple locations. The ability to customize and share the map makes it an incredibly powerful tool. I hope this guide helps you as much as it helped me, and I encourage you to add your own personal touches to make the map truly yours.