How To Download Webex On Phone

Do you want to install Webex on your phone? Don’t worry, I’ll walk you through the steps. Having used Webex for both work and personal meetings on my phone, I can attest that having this app is very convenient.

First things first, let’s talk about what Webex is. Webex is a video conferencing platform that allows you to attend meetings, webinars, and even host your own events. With its user-friendly interface and robust features, Webex has become one of the most popular choices for remote communication.

To download Webex on your phone, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Open the App Store or Google Play

Depending on whether you use an iPhone or an Android phone, you’ll need to open either the App Store (for iPhone users) or Google Play Store (for Android users). These are the official platforms where you can find and download apps for your phone.

Step 2: Search for “Webex”

In the search bar of the App Store or Google Play Store, type in “Webex” and hit the enter or search button. This will bring up a list of results related to Webex.

Step 3: Select the Official Cisco Webex App

Among the search results, look for the official Cisco Webex app. It should have the Cisco logo and the name “Webex” in the app title. Be sure to select the official app to ensure you’re downloading the authentic and trusted version.

Step 4: Tap on “Install” or “Get”

Once you’ve selected the official Cisco Webex app, tap on the “Install” button (for Android users) or “Get” button (for iPhone users). This will initiate the download and installation process. Depending on your internet connection speed, it may take a few moments for the app to download and install on your phone.

Step 5: Open the Webex App

Once the app is successfully installed, locate the Webex icon on your home screen and tap on it to open the app. You’ll be prompted to sign in or create a new account. If you’re new to Webex, you’ll need to sign up for an account by providing your email address and creating a password.

Voila! You’ve successfully downloaded and installed Webex on your phone. Now you can join meetings, collaborate with colleagues, and attend webinars right from the palm of your hand.


Having the ability to download Webex on your phone opens up a world of opportunities for remote communication and collaboration. Whether you’re attending virtual meetings for work or connecting with friends and family, Webex is a reliable and feature-rich platform that can enhance your communication experience. So go ahead, follow the steps I’ve outlined above, and start enjoying the convenience of Webex on your phone!