How To Double Opt Out Mailerlite Subscribers

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Hello there! Today, I will be providing a detailed tutorial on how to double opt out MailerLite subscribers. As someone who has experience with managing email lists, I recognize the significance of offering subscribers the choice to unsubscribe from your newsletters or promotional emails. In this article, I will guide you through the steps of double opt-out and share some of my personal observations.

What is Double Opt-Out?

Before we dive into the technicalities, let’s briefly discuss what double opt-out means. Double opt-out is a two-step process that ensures that subscribers have confirmed their intention to unsubscribe from your mailing list. It gives them an additional opportunity to reconsider their decision and confirms that they genuinely want to opt out.

Step 1: Provide a Clear Unsubscribe Link

The first step in implementing a double opt-out process is to provide a clear and visible unsubscribe link in your emails. This link should be prominently displayed at the bottom of your newsletters or promotional emails. By making it easy for subscribers to find the unsubscribe link, you are respecting their right to choose and helping to maintain a positive relationship with them.

Step 2: Create an Opt-Out Confirmation Page

Now that you have a clear unsubscribe link, it’s time to create an opt-out confirmation page. This page should be displayed when a subscriber clicks on the unsubscribe link. On this page, you can provide additional information and options to help subscribers make an informed decision.

Personal Touch: I like to add a brief message on the opt-out confirmation page, expressing my gratitude for their past support and encouraging them to stay connected through other channels such as social media or a blog.

Step 3: Include a Second Opt-Out Button

This is where the double opt-out comes into play. On the opt-out confirmation page, include a second opt-out button or link. This gives subscribers a final chance to confirm their decision to unsubscribe. By including this second opt-out option, you are showing respect for their choice while also ensuring that it is deliberate.

Personal Touch: I usually emphasize that clicking on the second opt-out button is final and will permanently remove them from the mailing list. Additionally, I assure them that their decision is respected and that they will no longer receive any emails or newsletters.

Step 4: Remove Unsubscribed Users from Your Email List

Once a subscriber has gone through the double opt-out process and confirmed their decision to unsubscribe, it is crucial to remove them from your email list promptly. This helps to maintain the integrity of your mailing list and ensures that you are only sending emails to engaged and interested recipients.

Personal Touch: I take this opportunity to thank them once again for their past support and let them know that their feedback is invaluable. I also invite them to reach out if they ever decide to rejoin the mailing list in the future.


Implementing a double opt-out process for MailerLite subscribers is a respectful and effective way to manage your email list. By providing clear unsubscribe links, creating an opt-out confirmation page, and including a second opt-out button, you are giving your subscribers the chance to reconsider their decision and ensuring that their choice is deliberate. Remember to promptly remove unsubscribed users from your email list to maintain its integrity. Wishing you success in managing your email list effectively!