How To Do Poll In Microsoft Teams

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Microsoft Teams is an effective team collaboration tool that enables smooth teamwork. A feature of Teams that I deeply appreciate is the option to create polls. In this article, I will lead you step-by-step through the process of creating a poll in Microsoft Teams, and share some of my own thoughts and opinions.

To get started, open Microsoft Teams and navigate to the channel or chat where you want to conduct the poll. Once there, find the “New Conversation” button and click on it. This will open a new conversation window where you can type your poll question.


What is your favorite pizza topping?

After typing your poll question, you can now start adding options for users to choose from. To do this, simply type each option on a new line. Be sure to press Enter after each option to create a new line.


– Pepperoni

– Mushrooms

– Pineapple

Once you have added all the options, your poll is almost ready to go. To make the poll more interactive and engaging, you can choose to enable the option for users to add their own options. To do this, simply type “Allow new options?” at the end of your poll question and press Enter.


What is your favorite pizza topping? (Allow new options?)

Now that your poll is set up, it’s time to post it in the channel or chat. Simply click on the “Send” button to publish the poll for others to see and participate in.

As people start responding to the poll, you can see the results in real-time. Microsoft Teams will automatically tally the votes and display them next to each option. This makes it easy to track the preferences of your teammates and make data-driven decisions.

One of the things I really appreciate about conducting polls in Microsoft Teams is the ability to easily engage with the participants. You can reply to each vote individually, share your thoughts, and spark discussions around the poll topic. This fosters a collaborative environment and encourages team members to share their perspectives.

Conducting polls in Microsoft Teams has proven to be a valuable tool for me and my team. It not only helps us gather feedback and make informed decisions, but also promotes active participation and teamwork. So, next time you need to gather opinions or make a democratic decision, give the poll feature in Microsoft Teams a try.


Microsoft Teams provides a seamless and interactive way to conduct polls within your team or across channels. With the ability to easily create, share, and track poll results, Teams empowers collaboration and drives meaningful discussions. So, go ahead and leverage this powerful feature to engage your team members and make data-driven decisions.