How To Do Line Breaks In Microsoft Teams Chats

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As an individual who regularly utilizes Microsoft Teams for chatting and working together with others, I recognize the significance of concise and well-structured communication. The proper utilization of line breaks is a frequent topic when it comes to chat formatting. Whether you are looking to divide your text into paragraphs or improve the visual appearance of your messages, effectively utilizing line breaks in Microsoft Teams can greatly improve your chatting experience. This article will provide you with various techniques for creating line breaks in Microsoft Teams chats and offer some personal tips.

Method 1: Using Shift + Enter

The most straightforward way to insert a line break in a Microsoft Teams chat is by using the Shift + Enter keys simultaneously. This method is quick and easy, allowing you to start a new line without sending your message. It is particularly useful when you want to break a long message into multiple lines for better readability.

For example, instead of sending:

Hi team, I hope you're all doing well and had a productive week. I have an update regarding the project progress.

You can use Shift + Enter to break it down into:

Hi team, I hope you're all doing well and had a productive week.
I have an update regarding the project progress.

Using this method helps avoid overwhelming your teammates with a wall of text and makes your message more digestible.

Method 2: Utilizing the Enter Key

While Shift + Enter creates a line break without sending the message, sometimes you may want to send the message and include line breaks within it. In such cases, you can utilize the Enter key.

By default, pressing Enter in Microsoft Teams sends the message. However, you can modify this behavior by enabling the “Enter sends a message” option in the settings. Once enabled, pressing Enter will create a line break instead of sending the message.

Personal Insight: I find this method convenient when I want to include line breaks but still send the message promptly. It allows me to structure my ideas effectively, ensuring that they are clearly communicated while maintaining the flow of the conversation.

Method 3: Inserting a Blank Line

If you need to add more visual separation between sections of your chat message, you can insert a blank line. This technique is especially valuable when you want to create distinct paragraphs or highlight important points.

To insert a blank line in Microsoft Teams chats, you can use the Unicode character for a line break (U+200B) or simply press Enter twice. A blank line provides a clear visual break and improves the overall readability of your message.

Personal Insight: I often leverage this method when sharing important information or instructions in a chat. By inserting a blank line between paragraphs or bullet points, I ensure that each point receives the attention it deserves and avoids getting lost in a sea of text.


Mastering line breaks in Microsoft Teams chats can significantly improve the clarity and organization of your communication. By utilizing methods such as Shift + Enter, modifying the Enter key behavior, and inserting blank lines, you can effectively structure your messages, making them more readable and impactful. Experiment with these techniques and find the one that best suits your communication style and the needs of your team. Remember, clear and concise communication is the key to successful collaborations in Microsoft Teams.