How To Do 0.5 Zoom On Snapchat

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Today, I would like to reveal a nifty trick on Snapchat – how to achieve a 0.5 zoom on this widely used social media platform. Being a dedicated Snapchat user, I am constantly on the lookout for innovative techniques to elevate my snaps and make them stand out. So, without any delay, let’s delve into the detailed procedure of achieving the distinctive 0.5 zoom effect!

Firstly, it’s important to note that the 0.5 zoom feature is not a built-in feature of Snapchat. However, there is a workaround that can help you achieve the desired effect. Here’s how:

Step 1: Open the Snapchat App

Launch the Snapchat app on your smartphone by tapping on the Snapchat icon. Make sure you are logged in to your account.

Step 2: Capture a Snap

Now, it’s time to capture the snap you want to apply the 0.5 zoom effect to. You can either take a photo or record a video by tapping on the shutter button. Get creative and have fun!

Step 3: Edit Your Snap

Once you have captured your snap, it’s time to edit it. Tap on the square icon located at the bottom left corner of the screen to access the editing tools.

Step 4: Apply the 0.5 Zoom Effect

Here comes the exciting part! To achieve the 0.5 zoom effect, swipe left on the editing tools panel until you find the “Zoom” option. Tap on it to open the zoom controls.

Using your thumb and index finger, pinch the screen inward to zoom in your snap. The trick here is to be gentle and adjust the zoom level precisely to 0.5. This might take a few tries to get it just right, but practice makes perfect!

Step 5: Save and Share Your Snap

Now that you have successfully applied the 0.5 zoom effect, it’s time to save and share your snap with your friends. Tap on the save icon located at the bottom left corner to save your snap to your camera roll.

Once saved, you can share your snap with your friends on Snapchat by tapping on the arrow icon at the bottom right corner of the screen. You can also add it to your story or send it directly to specific individuals.

So there you have it – a simple yet effective way to achieve a 0.5 zoom effect on Snapchat! I hope you found this guide helpful and feel inspired to try out this unique zoom feature in your own snaps.


While Snapchat may not have a dedicated 0.5 zoom feature, we can still get creative and find workarounds to achieve the effects we desire. By following the steps outlined above, you can add a touch of uniqueness to your snaps and amaze your friends with your creativity. So, go ahead and give the 0.5 zoom effect a try – happy snapping!