How To Disassemble Tineco S3

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Today, I want to share my experience and guide you through the process of disassembling the Tineco S3. As a proud owner of this fantastic cordless vacuum cleaner, I have had the opportunity to explore and understand its inner workings. I hope that by sharing my knowledge, you will be able to disassemble your Tineco S3 with ease.


Before we proceed, I must emphasize that disassembling your Tineco S3 may void your warranty. It’s essential to be cautious and ensure that you are comfortable working with delicate electronic components. If you are uncertain or don’t feel confident, I highly recommend reaching out to Tineco customer support for assistance.

Gathering the right tools

Before diving into the disassembly process, it’s crucial to have the necessary tools to avoid any accidental damage. Here are the tools I recommend:

  1. Small Phillips-head screwdriver
  2. Precision tweezers
  3. Plastic prying tool or a credit card
  4. Clean and soft cloth

Step-by-step Disassembly Guide

Step 1: Power Off and Prepare Workspace

First, ensure that the Tineco S3 is powered off and disconnected from any power source. Find a clean and well-lit workspace where you can comfortably work without any distractions.

Step 2: Remove the Dustbin and Filter

The Tineco S3 is designed to make the dustbin and filter easily accessible for cleaning. Start by pressing the release button located on the handle to detach the dustbin from the main body of the vacuum cleaner. Once removed, you can empty the contents and clean the dustbin using a mild detergent and water. Additionally, remove and clean the filter according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Step 3: Removing the Battery

Locate the battery compartment on the Tineco S3 and use the Phillips-head screwdriver to remove the screws holding it in place. Once the screws are removed, gently lift and remove the battery from the compartment. Take care not to damage any of the connectors or wiring during this process.

Step 4: Accessing the Motor and Internal Components

To access the motor and other internal components, you’ll need to remove the outer casing of the Tineco S3. Start by removing any visible screws on the main body using the Phillips-head screwdriver. After removing the screws, use a plastic prying tool or a credit card to carefully separate the casing. Take your time and work your way around the edges until the casing is fully detached.

Step 5: Cleaning and Maintenance

Once you have disassembled the Tineco S3 and gained access to the internal components, take the opportunity to clean any dust, debris, or obstructions that may have accumulated over time. Use a soft cloth or compressed air to remove any dirt or particles. Be gentle and avoid applying excessive force to avoid damaging any delicate components.


Disassembling the Tineco S3 can be a rewarding experience for those interested in understanding its inner workings or performing necessary maintenance. However, it’s essential to proceed with caution and be aware of the potential risks involved. If you encounter any difficulties or are unsure about any step, I strongly recommend seeking professional assistance to avoid causing irreversible damage.

Remember, always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and prioritize your safety. Happy disassembling!