How To Delete Wallpapers On Ios 16

Hey there everyone! Today, I want to talk about a problem that I faced recently – deleting wallpapers on iOS 16. As a tech enthusiast, I love customizing my devices with vibrant wallpapers, but I also like to keep things organized. So, when I found myself wanting to delete some of the wallpapers on my iOS 16 device, I went on a bit of a journey to figure out how to get it done. Let me walk you through the process and share some tips I picked up along the way.

Locating the Wallpaper

First things first, finding the wallpaper that you want to delete can be a bit of a puzzle, especially on iOS 16. To do this, you need to go to the “Settings” app and then tap on “Wallpaper”. From there, you can select the album where the wallpaper is located, whether it’s “Recents” or a specific album you’ve created. Once you find the wallpaper you want to delete, tap on it to open it.

Deleting the Wallpaper

Now comes the moment of truth – deleting the wallpaper. It’s not as straightforward as one might think, but it’s definitely doable. In the bottom left corner, you’ll see an icon that looks like a trash can. Tap on it and then confirm that you want to delete the wallpaper. With a few taps, that unwanted wallpaper will be gone from your device.

Why Bother Deleting Wallpapers?

Some of you might wonder, why bother going through the trouble of deleting wallpapers? Well, for me, it’s all about keeping things tidy and organized. Having a cluttered collection of wallpapers can make it harder to find the one you want, and it can also take up unnecessary storage space. By deleting the ones I don’t use, I can keep my wallpaper collection streamlined and easy to manage.

My Personal Tip

One thing I’ve learned is to periodically go through my wallpaper collection and delete the ones that I haven’t used in a while. It’s a quick way to free up some space on my device and ensure that I have easy access to the wallpapers I truly love.


In conclusion, deleting wallpapers on iOS 16 might not be the most obvious task, but with a bit of navigation through the settings, it’s definitely achievable. Whether you’re a minimalist like me or just want to keep your device organized, managing your wallpaper collection can be a small yet satisfying way to maintain control over your digital space. Give it a try and see how it works for you!