How To Defend Against Wardens Bash

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Today, I want to share some insights into defending against the Warden’s bash in the game. As a seasoned player, I’ve encountered numerous challenges with this move, and I’ve developed strategies to counter it effectively.

Understanding the Warden’s Bash

The Warden’s bash is a powerful move that can be difficult to defend against. It’s a quick and unblockable shoulder bash that the Warden can use to initiate combos and apply pressure on opponents.

Assessing the Timing

One of the key aspects of defending against the Warden’s bash is understanding its timing. Recognizing the different stages of the Warden’s bash animation is crucial for a successful defense. By anticipating the timing, I can react more effectively and avoid getting caught off guard.

Utilizing Dodges and Rolls

When facing the Warden’s bash, dodging and rolling can be effective defensive maneuvers. Dodging at the right moment can evade the bash and create an opening for a counterattack. Rolling away can also create distance and disrupt the Warden’s follow-up actions.

Employing Feints and Mix-ups

Using feints and mix-ups can keep the Warden guessing and prevent them from landing the bash effectively. By incorporating feinted attacks and mixing up my own offensive patterns, I can throw off the Warden’s timing and make it harder for them to execute the bash.

Practice and Reaction Time

Defending against the Warden’s bash requires practice and honing my reaction time. By consistently training to react to the bash in various scenarios, I can improve my defensive skills and become more adept at countering this powerful move.

Staying Calm Under Pressure

When facing the Warden’s aggressive playstyle, staying calm and composed is essential. Maintaining a clear mind and focusing on my defensive strategies can help me navigate the intense situations where the Warden attempts to use the bash to overwhelm me.


Defending against the Warden’s bash takes a combination of anticipation, quick reflexes, and strategic decision-making. By understanding the move’s mechanics and practicing defensive techniques, I’ve been able to improve my ability to counter the Warden’s bash effectively. Remember, it’s all about staying composed and adapting to the Warden’s tactics. Happy gaming!