How To Create A To Do List On Microsoft Teams

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Having a to-do list is crucial in maintaining organization and effectively managing tasks. As someone who frequently uses Microsoft Teams, I have found a straightforward and effective way to create and handle to-do lists within the platform. In this article, I will walk you through the process, providing personal tips and insights along the way.

Step 1: Accessing the Planner Tab

To access the to-do list feature on Microsoft Teams, you need to have the Planner app installed. If you don’t have it yet, don’t worry! You can easily install it by clicking on the plus (+) sign next to your team name, selecting “Planner” from the available apps, and following the installation steps provided.

Once the Planner app is installed, navigate to the team in which you want to create your to-do list. Click on the “Tabs” button below the team name, and then select “Planner” from the available tab options.

Step 2: Creating a New Plan

After accessing the Planner tab, you will see a list of existing plans. To create a new plan for your to-do list, click on the “+ Create a new plan” button. Give your plan a descriptive name that reflects the purpose of your to-do list.

Step 3: Adding Tasks to Your To-Do List

With your plan created, it’s time to start adding tasks to your to-do list. Simply click on the “+ Add task” button within your plan. A task card will appear, allowing you to enter the details of the task.

Take advantage of the various fields available, such as task title, description, due date, labels, and assignees. Adding due dates and assigning tasks to team members can help keep you and your team accountable and on track.

Step 4: Organizing and Prioritizing Tasks

As your to-do list grows, you may find it helpful to organize and prioritize your tasks. Microsoft Teams provides several features to assist you in this process.

You can create different buckets within your plan to categorize tasks based on their priority, status, or any other criteria that suits your workflow. To create a new bucket, simply click on the “+ Add new bucket” button. You can then drag and drop tasks between buckets to rearrange them according to priority.

Step 5: Collaborating on Tasks

One of the great advantages of using Microsoft Teams for your to-do list is the ability to collaborate with your team members seamlessly. You can assign tasks to specific team members, add comments, attach files, and have discussions right within the task card.

By involving your team in the to-do list process, you can ensure everyone is on the same page and tasks are completed efficiently. Encourage your team members to update task statuses, leave comments, and communicate progress to foster a collaborative environment.


Creating a to-do list on Microsoft Teams is a straightforward process that can bring immense organization and productivity to your team. By utilizing the Planner app, you can easily create, manage, and collaborate on tasks with your team members.

Remember to personalize your to-do list with custom fields and labels that fit your specific needs. Experiment with different strategies for organizing and prioritizing tasks to find what works best for you and your team.

Now that you have the knowledge to create a to-do list on Microsoft Teams, go ahead and give it a try. Stay organized and accomplish your tasks with greater efficiency!