How To Create A Shared Spreadsheet In Microsoft Teams

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Making a shared spreadsheet in Microsoft Teams is not only a convenient method for team collaboration, but it also guarantees that everyone is aligned and working together effectively. In this guide, I will walk you through the steps of creating a shared spreadsheet in Microsoft Teams, enabling you to easily monitor progress, make changes, and keep your team updated.

Step 1: Create a new channel in Teams

The first step in creating a shared spreadsheet is to create a new channel in Microsoft Teams. Channels are where you can organize conversations and files around specific topics or projects. To create a new channel, navigate to your team and click on the ellipsis (…) next to the team name. Select “Add channel” and give it a meaningful name.

Step 2: Add a new tab

After creating the channel, click on the “+” button next to the channel name and select “Excel” from the list of available apps. This will add a new tab to the channel, specifically for the shared spreadsheet.

Step 3: Create a new spreadsheet

Once the tab is added, click on it to open the Excel app within Microsoft Teams. From here, you can create a new spreadsheet by clicking on the “New” button or choose an existing spreadsheet from your OneDrive or SharePoint.

Step 4: Share the spreadsheet with your team

Now that you have your spreadsheet ready, it’s time to share it with your team. In the Excel app within Microsoft Teams, click on the “Share” button located in the top-right corner. You can then choose to share it with specific team members, entire channels, or individual users outside of your team. Make sure to set the appropriate permissions to ensure everyone can collaborate effectively.

Step 5: Collaborate and edit the spreadsheet

With the spreadsheet shared, your team members can now access and edit the spreadsheet directly within Microsoft Teams. Each member can make changes in real-time, and the changes will be automatically synchronized for everyone. You can also use the built-in chat and commenting features to discuss specific cells or sections of the spreadsheet.


Creating a shared spreadsheet in Microsoft Teams is a simple yet powerful way to enhance collaboration within your team. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can easily create, share, and edit spreadsheets, ensuring that everyone is working together efficiently and staying informed. Start using shared spreadsheets in Microsoft Teams today and experience the benefits of seamless collaboration!