How To Create A Linebreak In Trello

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A helpful method for organizing your card descriptions or comments in Trello is by incorporating line breaks. This feature enables you to distinguish various categories of information and enhance the readability of your content. Follow this guide for instructions on how to create a line break in Trello.

Step 1: Accessing the Card

To create a line break in Trello, you first need to access the card where you want to add the line break. You can do this by clicking on the card from your Trello board.

Step 2: Editing the Card

Once you have opened the card, you will notice an “Edit” button in the top-right corner. Click on this button to enter the edit mode for the card description or comment that you want to add a line break to.

Step 3: Adding the Line Break

Now that you are in the edit mode, you can add the line break by using the following keyboard shortcut:

Shift + Enter

By pressing Shift along with the Enter key, you can insert a line break within the card description or comment.

For example, if you want to create a new paragraph within your card description, simply press Shift + Enter at the end of the first paragraph to start a new line.

Step 4: Saving the Changes

After adding the line break, you can review your changes and make any further edits if needed. Once you are satisfied with the content, click on the “Save” or “Done” button to save the changes and exit the edit mode.

It’s worth noting that line breaks in Trello are only visible when you view the card in the card details view or when there is enough space in the card’s display. In the board view or when the card is collapsed, the line breaks may not be visible.


Creating a line break in Trello can help you organize and structure your card descriptions or comments. By following the steps mentioned above, you can easily add line breaks to your content and make it more readable. So go ahead and start utilizing this feature to enhance your Trello experience!