How To Copy Table From Pdf To Excel

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Copying tables from PDF to Excel can be quite a challenging task. As someone who has struggled with this myself, I understand the frustration it can cause. In this article, I will share some tips and tricks that I’ve learned over time to make this process easier and more efficient.

Use of Text Recognition Software

One method that I have found useful is the use of text recognition software. There are several tools available that can convert the text in a PDF table into an editable format. My personal favorite is Adobe Acrobat, which allows you to export the PDF table as an Excel spreadsheet.

Manually Copying and Pasting

If text recognition software is not an option, manually copying and pasting the table from the PDF to Excel is another solution. First, I zoom in on the table in the PDF to get a clear view of the content. Then, I carefully select the table using my mouse, making sure to capture all the rows and columns. After that, I paste the selected content into an Excel sheet. This method requires precision and patience, but it gets the job done.

Adjusting and Formatting in Excel

Once the table is pasted into Excel, it often requires some adjustment and formatting. This can include merging or splitting cells, adjusting column widths, and ensuring that the data is correctly formatted. It’s important to carefully review the table to ensure the data has been accurately transferred.

Dealing with Complex Tables

Complex tables with merged cells, nested tables, or irregular formatting can present a bigger challenge. In such cases, I often break down the table into smaller, more manageable sections. This allows for easier copying and pasting into Excel, followed by rearranging the data to reconstruct the original table structure.


Copying tables from PDF to Excel may not always be a straightforward process, but with the right approach and tools, it can be tackled effectively. Whether using text recognition software or manually copying and adjusting the table, the key is to be patient and meticulous. I hope the tips shared in this article will make this task less daunting for you.