How To Contect Clickfunnels To Aweber

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Linking AWeber and ClickFunnels is a vital component in streamlining your email marketing endeavors. As someone who has extensively utilized both tools in their digital marketing, I can confidently attest to the smooth integration and the benefits it brings to your operations. In this article, I will walk you through the steps of connecting AWeber and ClickFunnels while also sharing my personal reflections.

Step 1: Accessing the ClickFunnels Integration Page

To get started, log in to your ClickFunnels account and navigate to the Account Settings. Once there, click on Integrations and then select Email Integration from the drop-down menu. Here, you will find a list of email service providers, including AWeber.

Step 2: Setting Up the Integration

Click on AWeber in the email service providers list, and you will be prompted to enter your AWeber login details. Once you’ve entered your credentials, ClickFunnels will establish a connection with your AWeber account.

It’s important to note that during this process, ClickFunnels requests permission to access your AWeber account. Granting this permission is necessary for the two platforms to communicate effectively.

Step 3: Mapping ClickFunnels Fields to AWeber

After successfully connecting ClickFunnels to AWeber, you will be directed to the integration settings page. Here, you can map the fields from your ClickFunnels opt-in forms to the corresponding fields in your AWeber account.

This step ensures that the data collected through your ClickFunnels forms is correctly synchronized with your AWeber contact list. Take the time to review and map each field accurately for a seamless integration.

Step 4: Testing the Integration

Before fully implementing the integration, it’s always a good practice to test it. Create a test opt-in form on ClickFunnels and submit it to verify that the data is being correctly transferred to your AWeber account.

Check your AWeber account to confirm if the test submission reflects in your contact list. This step will help identify and address any potential issues before launching your actual marketing campaigns.


Connecting ClickFunnels to AWeber allows you to streamline your email marketing efforts by automating the process of capturing leads and managing your contact lists. By following the simple steps outlined in this article, you can integrate these two powerful platforms and take your marketing to new heights.

Remember that the successful integration of ClickFunnels and AWeber ultimately depends on the accuracy of your field mapping and the proper setup of your opt-in forms. Take the time to test and troubleshoot any potential issues, ensuring a smooth user experience for your leads.

So, why wait? Connect ClickFunnels to AWeber today and unlock the full potential of your marketing funnel!