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When it comes to solutions for email marketing, AWeber is a preferred option for numerous businesses. The platform boasts of a simple-to-use interface and powerful tools, making it convenient to develop and oversee successful email campaigns. However, in case you have any queries or require aid, this article will guide you through the various methods of contacting AWeber for support, based on my personal experience with the service.

1. Live Chat Support

AWeber offers live chat support, which is my go-to option when I have a quick question or need immediate assistance. The live chat feature is available on the AWeber website and is staffed by knowledgeable and friendly support agents.

Whenever I have used the live chat support, I have received prompt responses and helpful guidance. The support agents at AWeber are well-trained and able to address a wide range of inquiries, from technical issues to best practices for email marketing.

2. Email Support

If your question or issue is not urgent, you can also reach out to AWeber’s support team via email. Simply send an email to their support address and include a detailed description of your problem.

From my experience, AWeber’s email support is reliable and responsive. They usually get back to me within 24 hours, which is reasonable considering the number of support requests they receive.

3. Phone Support

If you prefer speaking to a support agent directly, AWeber offers phone support during business hours. This option is particularly useful when you need to troubleshoot a complex issue or want to discuss your email marketing strategy in-depth.

I have reached out to AWeber’s phone support a few times, and each time I was connected with a friendly and knowledgeable representative. They patiently walked me through the steps to resolve my issue and provided valuable advice to improve my email campaigns.

4. Help Center

AWeber has a comprehensive Help Center that serves as a valuable self-service resource for users. The Help Center includes a vast library of articles, tutorials, and video guides that cover a wide range of topics.

Whenever I encounter a question or need guidance on a specific feature, I always start by searching the Help Center. The articles are well-written and easy to follow, making it a great go-to resource for troubleshooting and learning.


When it comes to contacting AWeber for support, they offer multiple channels to suit different preferences and urgency levels. From my personal experience, their live chat support, email support, and phone support have all been reliable and helpful. Additionally, their Help Center is a valuable self-service resource that I frequently turn to for guidance.

Whether you have a simple question or need assistance with a complex issue, AWeber’s support team is there to help you every step of the way.