How To Construct Angular Bisector

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Constructing an angular bisector is a fundamental geometric concept that I have always found fascinating. It’s a method that allows us to divide an angle into two equal parts, and here’s how I go about it.

Tools Needed

To construct an angular bisector, I usually gather a few basic tools – a ruler, a protractor, a pencil, and a compass. These are essential for accurate measurements and construction.

Step 1: Draw the Angle

First, I take my protractor and use it to draw an angle. I position the protractor at the vertex of the angle and carefully draw two rays extending from the vertex, creating the angle. This step sets the stage for the bisector construction.

Step 2: Use the Compass

Next, I take my compass and place its point at the vertex of the angle. I adjust the compass so that it can reach both rays of the angle. Then, I draw an arc on each ray of the angle. These arcs will intersect, creating points that are equidistant from the vertex.

Step 3: Connect the Intersecting Points

With my ruler, I draw a straight line connecting the vertex of the angle to the point where the arcs intersect. This line represents the angular bisector and divides the angle into two congruent angles.

Step 4: Test for Accuracy

To verify the accuracy of the construction, I measure the two new angles formed using the protractor. If the construction is correct, both angles will measure the same number of degrees, confirming that the bisector has been accurately constructed.

Personal Touch

While the process of constructing an angular bisector follows a set of precise steps, there’s an art to it that I find truly mesmerizing. The way the arcs intersect perfectly and the satisfaction of achieving precise angles never fails to captivate me.


Constructing an angular bisector is a foundational skill in geometry that not only requires precision but also offers a sense of accomplishment. Whether used in school exercises or real-world applications, mastering this technique is both practical and deeply gratifying.