How To Comment In Wrike Project

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Providing comments in Wrike is an essential component of working together on projects and communicating with colleagues. As someone who uses Wrike regularly, I have discovered that leaving comments not only aids in staying organized but also improves efficiency and promotes successful teamwork.

When it comes to commenting in Wrike, there are a few key steps to follow:

Step 1: Accessing the Task

To begin, navigate to the task where you want to leave a comment. This can be done by searching for the task in the search bar or by accessing it from the project or folder where it is located.

Step 2: Opening the Comment Section

Once you are on the task page, scroll down until you see the comment section. It is usually located below the task description and any attached files or subtasks.

Step 3: Writing Your Comment

Click on the comment box to start typing your comment. You can enter text, add emojis, or even attach files to your comment if needed. Providing clear and concise information in your comment is important, as it helps others understand your thoughts or provide feedback.

Step 4: @Mentioning Team Members

If you want to direct your comment to a specific team member, you can use the @mention feature in Wrike. Simply type “@” followed by the team member’s name, and a dropdown menu will appear with suggestions. Select the appropriate team member, and they will be notified of your comment.

Step 5: Resolving Comments

Once a comment has been addressed or resolved, you can mark it as such by clicking the checkbox next to the comment. This helps to keep track of the progress and ensures that all important points have been acknowledged and acted upon.

Commenting in Wrike is a powerful tool that facilitates collaboration and keeps everyone on the same page. By leaving comments, you can clarify expectations, share insights, and provide valuable feedback to your team members.


In conclusion, commenting in Wrike is an essential feature that allows for effective communication and collaboration within a project. By following the steps outlined above, you can make the most out of the commenting feature in Wrike and enhance your productivity. So, don’t hesitate to leave comments and engage with your team members in Wrike!