How To Comment In Trello

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The ability to leave comments in Trello is a crucial aspect that enables users to effectively communicate and collaborate on a board. As a frequent user of Trello for managing projects, I greatly value the comment feature for discussing tasks, exchanging ideas, and updating my team members.

Getting Started with Commenting

To start commenting in Trello, simply open the card you want to comment on by clicking on it. Once inside the card, you’ll see a section at the bottom of the card labeled “Add a comment.” This is where you can type your comment and share it with others.

One of the great things about Trello’s comment feature is that it supports markdown formatting. This means that you can use certain symbols and characters to enhance the appearance of your comments. For example, you can use asterisks (*) to make text bold or underscores (_) to italicize text. You can even create headers and links using markdown syntax.

Using @mentions

Trello also allows you to mention specific members of your team in your comments using the “@” symbol. When you mention someone in a comment, they will receive a notification, making it easier for them to stay updated on the discussion. This feature is particularly useful when you need to draw someone’s attention to a specific task or provide them with important information.

Attachments and Previews

In addition to text-based comments, Trello also supports attachments. You can attach files, images, or links to your comments by clicking on the attachment icon. This is especially helpful when you need to share relevant documents, screenshots, or external resources with your team.

Furthermore, Trello provides a handy preview feature that allows you to see a preview of attached links without leaving the card. This is incredibly convenient as it saves time and makes it easier to access important information directly within the context of the card.

Collaborative Commenting

One of the things I appreciate most about Trello’s comment feature is its collaborative nature. When someone leaves a comment on a card, it creates a thread of conversation that other team members can easily follow and contribute to. This promotes transparency and ensures that everyone involved in the project can stay informed and engaged.


Commenting in Trello is a powerful tool for effective collaboration and communication. Whether you’re discussing project details, providing updates, or sharing resources, Trello’s comment feature allows you to keep everyone on the same page. So next time you’re working on a Trello board, don’t forget to utilize the comment section to enhance teamwork and productivity.