How To Clone Trello Board

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Being a dedicated Trello user, I heavily depend on its effectiveness in organizing my projects and tasks. One particular feature that I consider highly beneficial is the option to duplicate a Trello board. Duplicating a board enables you to swiftly make a replica of an already existing board, with all its lists, cards, and attachments. This article will instruct you on how to clone a Trello board, in a step-by-step manner.

Step 1: Open the board you want to clone

First, make sure you’re logged in to your Trello account. Once you’re logged in, navigate to the board you want to clone. It could be a board you’ve created or one that you have been invited to collaborate on. For this example, let’s say I want to clone my “Project Management” board.

Step 2: Access the board’s menu

Next, locate the board’s menu. It can be found by clicking on the three dots icon on the right side of the board’s name. This will open a dropdown menu with various options.

Step 3: Choose the “More” option

In the dropdown menu, select the “More” option. This will open a submenu with additional actions you can perform on the board.

Step 4: Select “Copy Board”

From the submenu, choose the “Copy Board” option. Trello will then display a dialog box with some options for the copied board.

Step 5: Customize the copied board

In the dialog box, you can give your copied board a new name. This is useful if you want to differentiate it from the original board. You can also choose whether to include the board’s cards, lists, and attachments in the copy. By default, all of these options are selected, but you can uncheck them if you only want to copy certain elements.

Step 6: Create the copied board

Once you’ve customized the options, click on the “Create” button. Trello will now create a new board with the same structure and content as the original board. The copied board will be added to your Trello account, and you can access it just like any other board.

Cloning a Trello board can be extremely helpful in a variety of situations. For example, if you’re starting a new project that has similar requirements to a previous project, you can clone the board and save time by reusing the existing structure and tasks. It’s also a great way to create template boards that you can use as a starting point for new projects.


Cloning a Trello board is a simple but powerful feature that can greatly enhance your productivity and organization. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can easily create copies of your existing boards and customize them to suit your needs. Whether you’re a solo user or part of a team, the ability to clone boards can save you time and effort in managing your projects. Give it a try and see how it can help you stay organized and focused!