How To Clear Command Window Matlab

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Welcome to my guide on how to clear the command window in MATLAB! As a frequent MATLAB user, I understand the importance of keeping the workspace clean and organized. In this article, I’ll share my personal techniques and best practices for clearing the command window in MATLAB. Let’s dive in!

Using the Command Window in MATLAB

The command window in MATLAB is a crucial part of the user interface where you can enter and execute commands, run scripts, and see the output of your code. However, as you work on multiple tasks or projects, the command window can quickly become cluttered with previous commands and outputs.

Clearing the Command Window

To clear the command window in MATLAB, you can use the clc command. Simply type clc in the command window and press Enter. This will clear the command window, giving you a clean slate to work with.

Additionally, you can also use the clear command to clear all variables from the workspace. Typing clear in the command window and pressing Enter will remove all variables from the workspace, effectively clearing the command window as well.

Creating a Shortcut

If you find yourself frequently needing to clear the command window, you can create a custom shortcut for the clc command. Simply go to the “Set Path” tool in the MATLAB toolbar, select “Keyboard Shortcuts” and then “Edit Keyboard Shortcuts”. From there, you can assign a custom shortcut for the clc command to make the process even more efficient.

My Personal Workflow

In my own workflow, I make it a habit to clear the command window and workspace before starting a new task or running a new script. This helps me stay organized and ensures that I have a clear understanding of the current state of my workspace.


Clearing the command window in MATLAB is a simple yet essential practice for maintaining a clean and efficient workspace. By using the clc and clear commands, as well as creating custom shortcuts, you can streamline your workflow and stay focused on the task at hand. I hope these tips enhance your MATLAB experience as they have mine!