How To Clear Chapter 1 In

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When I first started playing, clearing Chapter 1 seemed like a daunting task. The game’s challenging scenarios and resource management mechanics kept me coming back for more, but I struggled to get past the initial chapter. With time and practice, I’ve developed a strategy that has consistently helped me clear Chapter 1 and progress further into the game. In this article, I’ll share my personal tips and insights on how to clear Chapter 1 in, from the perspective of a fellow player.

Understanding the Basics

Before diving into strategies, it’s crucial to grasp the basic mechanics of The game requires careful management of resources such as food, water, and shelter, while also navigating encounters with hostile animals and other players. Understanding the importance of these elements is key to clearing Chapter 1 successfully.

Gathering Resources

One of the first challenges in Chapter 1 is securing enough resources to survive. I’ve found that prioritizing the gathering of wood for shelter, hunting for food, and locating a water source is essential. Utilizing the surroundings and keeping an eye out for nearby bushes, trees, and ponds can significantly aid in resource collection.

Building a Shelter

Once I’ve gathered enough wood, finding an optimal location to build a shelter becomes my top priority. Establishing a secure base provides protection from wild animals and other players, allowing for a safe place to rest and store collected resources. It’s essential to construct the shelter efficiently, as doing so safeguards against unforeseen threats.

Engaging with Wildlife

Wildlife encounters can be both perilous and rewarding. I’ve learned that engaging with animals for food and resources requires cautious decision-making. Taking calculated risks and employing stealthy tactics when hunting or gathering can minimize the likelihood of dangerous confrontations, thus preserving valuable resources.

Interacting with Other Players

In, the presence of other players adds an unpredictable element to the gameplay. Navigating encounters with fellow survivors demands a blend of diplomacy and vigilance. I’ve found that assessing the intentions of other players and communicating effectively can lead to alliances that aid in mutual survival, while also remaining cautious of potential threats.


Clearing Chapter 1 in is a test of resourcefulness, decision-making, and adaptability. Through my experiences within the game, I’ve honed a strategy that has proven effective in advancing through the initial challenges. By understanding the fundamentals, prioritizing resource gathering, and navigating wildlife and player interactions with caution, clearing Chapter 1 becomes an attainable goal. I hope that my insights and personal touches provide fellow players with a valuable perspective on overcoming the hurdles of survival in the game.