How To Check Powershell Version

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Hey there! If you’re a fellow PowerShell enthusiast like me, you might occasionally find yourself in need of checking the version of your PowerShell installation. Whether it’s for troubleshooting compatibility issues or simply for staying up to date with the latest features, knowing how to check your PowerShell version is a handy skill to have. In this article, I’ll walk you through the various methods to check your PowerShell version and provide some personal insights along the way.

Using PowerShell Console

The most straightforward way to check your PowerShell version is by using the PowerShell console itself. Here’s a quick snippet that you can run to get the version:


Running this command will display the major and minor version numbers, build version, and any other relevant details about your PowerShell installation.

Registry Key

Another method is to access the registry key that holds the PowerShell version information. You can simply navigate to:


Once there, you’ll find the Version value, which contains the PowerShell version details.

File Properties

For a more visual way of checking the PowerShell version, you can explore the properties of the PowerShell executable file. Simply locate the “powershell.exe” file, right-click, select “Properties,” and navigate to the “Details” tab. There, you’ll find the File version and Product version which indicate the PowerShell version.

Online Resources and Community

It’s essential to stay connected with the vibrant PowerShell community. Websites like Stack Overflow, Microsoft Docs, and PowerShell blogs often provide valuable insights and discussions on the latest PowerShell versions and features. Joining PowerShell forums and discussions can also give you real-world insights and tips on working with different PowerShell versions.


Checking your PowerShell version is a fundamental task that can provide valuable information for your scripting and automation endeavors. Whether you prefer using the PowerShell console, exploring registry keys, inspecting file properties, or leveraging online resources, staying updated with the latest PowerShell versions is crucial for maximizing your proficiency. I hope this article has provided you with actionable insights and enhanced your understanding of PowerShell version checking. Happy scripting!