How To Check If I Logged In Az In Powershell

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Hey there, PowerShell enthusiasts! Today, I want to share with you a handy bit of knowledge on how to check if you’re logged into Azure using PowerShell. As someone who has spent countless hours working with Azure and PowerShell, I understand the importance of being able to quickly verify my login status, so let’s dive into it.

Using Azure PowerShell to Check Login Status

First things first, to check if you’re logged into Azure using PowerShell, you’ll want to use the Get-AzContext cmdlet. This cmdlet retrieves the Azure context that you are currently authenticated with. It provides information about the account, subscription, and tenant that you are currently logged into.

Here’s a quick one-liner to check your login status:


When you run this command, it will display the details of your current Azure context, including your account, subscription, and tenant information, if you are logged in. If nothing is returned, it means you are not logged into Azure.

Personal Tip:

One thing I’ve found helpful is to incorporate this check into my PowerShell scripts, especially those that interact with Azure resources. By including a check for my login status at the beginning of the script, I can ensure that the script will only proceed if I am properly authenticated with Azure. This has saved me from potential issues down the line.

Handling Multiple Azure Accounts

For those of us who work with multiple Azure accounts, it’s crucial to be able to ascertain which account we are currently logged into. The Get-AzContext cmdlet also comes in handy here, as it not only shows if you are logged in but also provides details about the specific account, subscription, and tenant.

If you have multiple accounts and want to switch between them, you can use the Select-AzContext cmdlet to select a different Azure context and effectively switch your login to a different account.

Additional Resource:

If you’re interested in learning more about managing Azure contexts and accounts, Microsoft provides excellent documentation on this topic. You can check it out here.


Well, there you have it! Checking if you’re logged into Azure using PowerShell is a simple yet essential piece of information for anyone working with Azure resources. By utilizing the Get-AzContext cmdlet, you can quickly verify your login status and take necessary actions based on the result. This little trick has been a time-saver for me, and I hope it proves to be just as valuable for you in your Azure and PowerShell journey.