How To Change Password On Tik Tok

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Updating your password on TikTok is crucial for safeguarding the protection of your account. In this article, I will walk you through the steps of changing your password on TikTok, and also offer some personal suggestions.

Step 1: Open the TikTok App

To get started, open the TikTok app on your mobile device. Make sure you are logged into your account.

Step 2: Go to your Profile

In the bottom right corner of the app, you will find a “Profile” icon. Tap on it to access your profile page. From here, you can manage various aspects of your account, including your password.

Step 3: Access the Settings

Once you are on your profile page, look for the three vertical dots in the top right corner. Tap on it to access the settings menu.

Step 4: Select “Manage My Account”

In the settings menu, scroll down until you find the option “Manage My Account.” Tap on it to proceed.

Step 5: Tap on “Password”

Within the “Manage My Account” section, you will find various options related to your account settings. Look for the “Password” option and tap on it.

Step 6: Enter your Current Password

In order to change your password, you will need to verify your identity. Enter your current password in the field provided.

Step 7: Choose a New Password

Now it’s time to choose a new password. Make sure to pick a strong and unique password that you haven’t used before. It’s a good practice to mix uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols to make it more secure.

Step 8: Confirm your New Password

After selecting your new password, enter it again to confirm and ensure there are no typos or mistakes.

Step 9: Save your Changes

Once you have entered and confirmed your new password, tap on the “Save” button to apply the changes to your TikTok account.


Changing your password on TikTok is a simple process that can significantly enhance the security of your account. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can ensure that your personal information and content on TikTok are protected. Remember to choose a strong and unique password and regularly update it to stay one step ahead of potential security threats.