How To Change Netflix Region Without Vpn

As a Netflix enthusiast, I often find myself wanting to access content that is only available in other regions. While using a VPN is a popular method to change your Netflix region, I have discovered some alternative techniques that can help you achieve the same result without using a VPN. Let me walk you through these methods and share my personal experiences with each of them.

Browser Extensions

One of the methods I’ve found effective is using browser extensions specifically designed for accessing geo-blocked content. These extensions work by redirecting your internet traffic through a server located in the region of your choice. It’s important to note that the effectiveness of these extensions may vary, and some regions may have limited options available.

DNS Settings

Another approach is to modify the DNS settings on your device to use a custom DNS service that can route your internet connection through servers in different regions. This method can be more technical, requiring changes to your device’s network settings, but it has proven to be a reliable way to access region-locked Netflix content without using a VPN.

Smart DNS Services

Smart DNS services are designed to unblock geo-restricted content, including Netflix, without encrypting your internet traffic like a VPN. These services work by intercepting and rerouting the data that typically reveals your location, allowing you to appear as if you are accessing Netflix from a different region. I’ve personally found smart DNS services to be a convenient and efficient way to change my Netflix region without using a VPN.


In conclusion, while using a VPN is a common method to change your Netflix region, there are alternative approaches that can be just as effective. By using browser extensions, modifying DNS settings, or utilizing smart DNS services, you can access a wider range of Netflix content without the need for a VPN. With these methods, I’ve been able to enjoy a diverse selection of shows and movies from different regions, enhancing my Netflix experience.