How To Change Fan Belt On Suzuki Wagon R

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Changing the fan belt on my Suzuki Wagon R was quite the adventure. After some research and a few trial and error attempts, I’ve finally mastered the process. Let me walk you through the step-by-step guide on how to change the fan belt on a Suzuki Wagon R.

Gather Your Tools

Before getting started, ensure you have all the necessary tools at hand. You will need a socket wrench, a new fan belt that matches the specifications of your Suzuki Wagon R, and a diagram of the belt routing, which can usually be found under the hood of your car or in the owner’s manual.

Locate the Fan Belt

The fan belt is typically located at the front of the engine and is easily identifiable. It’s a good idea to take a picture or make a quick sketch of the belt’s routing to refer back to later when installing the new one.

Loosen the Tension

Using the socket wrench, locate the tensioner pulley and rotate it to loosen tension on the belt. This will allow you to easily remove the old fan belt from the pulleys.

Remove the Old Belt

Once the tension is released, carefully slide the old fan belt off the pulleys. Take note of how it is routed around the different pulleys, as you’ll need to replicate this with the new belt.

Install the New Belt

Referencing the picture or diagram you took earlier, start looping the new fan belt around the pulleys, making sure it follows the same path as the old belt. Ensure it sits correctly in each of the grooves on the pulleys to prevent slipping.

Adjust the Tension

Use the socket wrench to once again rotate the tensioner pulley, allowing you to slide the new fan belt onto the last pulley. Be sure the belt has the right amount of tension – not too loose or too tight – as this could lead to premature wear or slippage.

Test the Belt

Before closing the hood, start the engine and visually inspect the new fan belt as it runs. Ensure it is not slipping or making any unusual noises. If everything looks good, congratulations – you’ve successfully changed the fan belt on your Suzuki Wagon R!


Changing the fan belt on my Suzuki Wagon R was a challenging yet rewarding experience. It’s a great feeling to know that I can tackle basic car maintenance tasks on my own. Remember, if you’re ever unsure about any step of the process, don’t hesitate to consult a professional or refer to your car’s manual. Safe and happy driving!