How To Change Email Address In Wp Forms

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Changing your email address in WP Forms can be an easy task once you locate where to make the required changes. Having experienced this process myself, I can empathize with the frustration and uncertainty that may occur while navigating the settings. This article will provide you with a detailed, step-by-step guide on how to update your email address in WP Forms, including personal advice and insights.

Step 1: Accessing WP Forms Settings

To begin, log in to your WordPress dashboard and navigate to the “WP Forms” tab on the left-hand side. Click on the “Settings” option, which will take you to the general settings page for WP Forms.

Step 2: Locating the Email Settings

Once you are on the settings page, scroll down until you find the “Email” tab. This is where you can make changes to your email address.

Step 3: Updating the Email Address

Under the “Email” tab, you will see a field labeled “Send To Email Address.” This is where you can input your new email address. Simply replace the existing email address with your desired one.

It’s important to note that WP Forms allows you to use multiple email addresses for different forms. If you have multiple forms set up, make sure to select the correct form from the dropdown menu located above the “Send To Email Address” field.

After you have entered your new email address, don’t forget to click on the “Save Settings” button at the bottom of the page to save your changes.

Step 4: Testing the New Email Address

Once you have updated your email address, it’s always a good idea to test it to ensure that the changes have been applied successfully. Submit a test form on your website and check if the email is being sent to the new address.

A Personal Tip: Double-Check Spam Folder

In my experience, sometimes emails from WP Forms can end up in the spam folder of the new email address. To avoid missing any important form submissions, I recommend periodically checking your spam folder and marking WP Forms emails as “not spam” if necessary.


Changing your email address in WP Forms is a straightforward process that can be done in just a few steps. By following the steps outlined in this article, you will be able to update your email address and ensure that you receive form submissions to the correct inbox. Don’t forget to test your new email address to confirm that everything is working as expected. Happy form building!